Wonder woman

As the first female super hero, Wonder Woman is a complex and fascinating character. Her dynamic relationship with other women has helped make her a successful superhero and a role model for women everywhere. However, the character never developed a memorable gallery of villains. She’s typically up against the sorceress Circe, a cat-like villain, and the towering Giganta. And she occasionally comes up against the telepath Dr. Psycho, an ode to Marston’s “love submission” credo.

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The Wonder Woman movie follows the original comic book series’ origin story, and sets the stage for a reworked version of the character. However, the movie does not feature the original Amazon sisterhood, which was a vital part of Diana’s growth. In the comics, the sisterhood is portrayed as much more powerful than in the cartoons. Rather than being a clumsy, stupid girl who would get herself killed, Wonder Woman is raised by Amazons.

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