Troll hunters

The job of Troll hunters is described as a “monster-killing, after-action form-filling job,” with a high level of bureaucracy. However, this job is also characterized by high levels of danger and lonesome secrecy. The job itself is a bizarre combination of inane bureaucracy and breathtaking danger. One of the most memorable episodes of the series features a troll named “multiple head case,” which is actually a troll without brains. The troll is lured into a clearing with an array of UV light mounted on the cab.

Troll Hunters is played on a 5×5 grid. This allows for symbols to drop down onto the grid and form winning combinations. Winning combinations are formed when three or more of the same symbols appear on adjacent columns or rows. All active rows and columns are filled, and symbols can be a part of multiple winning combinations. The trolls can also explode and fall down on the board, making it possible to win big in multiple ways!

The 3 beautiful ladies represent the standard paying icons in Troll Hunters. The payout amounts depend on the type of symbol that matches and how many times it appears in a cluster. Matching 5 of these symbols in a single payline can award a maximum payout of 250 coins, and matching three of them will award a minimum payout of 3.50 coins. Low paying icons include hooks, skulls, and meat. These symbols pay lower amounts, depending on how often they appear in a cluster.

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